Expert Dog Training Services, Phoenix

Dog Obedience Training, Leash Training, Strength Training, and more!

Price list for Dog Training Services

Starter Package


6 Classes
Bronze Package
10 Classes
Gold Package

15 Classes

Platinum Package


20 Classes

Treadmill Package
$35 – Per Session (20 Min.)
Treadmill exercise is an effective tool that can help dogs increase their muscular endurance and strength, avoid obesity, support weight loss, and stimulate their minds. Teach your dog treadmill exercises if you have an energetic, hyperactive, or obese dog to become quiet, well-mannered, and fit.


Three Months
Unlimited classes per month
Six Months
Unlimited classes per month
Twelve Months
Unlimited classes per month
Private Lessons
Four Private Lessons & Four Group Lessons – $650
Eight Private Lessons – $1195
Twelve Private Lessons & Four Group Lessons – $1495

Dog Training Group Classes

Obedience 101
Basic Dog Training Classes, for dogs 5 months and older. You’ll learn essential training commands to keep your dog safe, such as heel, sit, stand, down, stay, and come. Instructors will also teach you about proper nutrition, grooming, and solutions to common problems.
Advance Obedience

Strengthens your dog’s behaviors to provide faster and more consistent responses and helps improve reliability. Topics covered in this class include manners while out & about, advanced heel with distractions. Pre-requisite: Obedience 101

Off Leash Obedience
Teaching your dog to walk or hike with you while unclipped from the leash. It is a specialized training different from the dog obedience training that your dog needs to run around inside a fenced-in yard. Off-leash training is essential if you dream of taking your dog off leash when hiking your favorite trails together or during camping trips.
K-9 CrossFit
The use of positive training and shaping techniques to help your dog acclimate himself to the training equipment used in the various exercises. Recommended conditioning programs for various types of activities ranging from agility, Lure Training, Chase Mock Decoy, flyball Frisbee, Hurdles and Rally to therapy dog work.
K-9 Strength Training
Strength training for dogs works quite similarly to strength training for humans in terms of weight loss and building lean muscles. A strength-training session can get your dog’s heart pumping, which means a greater need for fuel. The more calories your dog burns, the more weight it will lose. Strength training can be intense. Think of the effects of a strength training session as a temporary boost to your dog’s metabolism. Spring Pole, Sprint Run, Treadmill, and weight pull exercises.
Leash Skills
This course is designed to teach you how to train your dog to walk politely on a loose-leash. Dogs that learn polite leash walking are a pleasure to take out, and as a result, they enjoy exercise, freedom, and socialization. This helps prevent both medical issues caused by lack of exercise, and behavior problems caused by not getting out for a daily walk. This class teaches polite leash walking, using positive reinforcement and force-free training.
Scent for Drive
This class is to learn about the fun game of scent work. You will have the most success if you know how to motivate your dog (food or toy). No prior obedience training is required. Suitable for dogs of all ages. Through this class, your dog will learn to hunt independently and confidently. You will learn about scent work and what is expected from your dog. We will use a marking system to create clear understanding of how to earn a reward and to create value on odor.
Behavioral Training
Behavioral Training is geared towards unwinding years of behavioral issues within your dog. This is ideal for rehabilitating dogs who have separation anxiety, aggression, or other behavioral issues that require a sort of “rewiring” of the brain to unlearn bad habits.
Retrieving Classes
These classes are based on teaching skills by focusing on enhancing a dog’s natural instincts to retrieve under control and within the framework. These classes will build in complexity and allow you to simplify when necessary as well as drills to maintain the dog’s level of performance. Teaching, building confidence, building drive and therapy drills will keep you and your dog on top of your game.
Protection Classes
Dogs trained through ConditionK-9 Protection Training Programs are pets first, protectors second. Personal protection is both fun and provides added peace of mind. Our Personal Protection Training is command-based, meaning that our dogs are taught to have control and not be aggressive until asked to engage with a threat.
Board and Train
An advanced obedience program designed to teach your dog new behaviors and solving many problem behaviors. Your dog will be boarded at our facility.
Dog Evaluations