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Robert Murtaugh Jr. – AZDS-CPT , Certified Behavior Trainer specializing in large breed dogs & multi-dog households

Robert Murtaugh Jr is the director of Freedom Brothers Rescue & Recovery. Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania; Robert has spent 20+ years in rescue and uses his time now as a dog trainer training and re-homing hundreds of working breeds. Robert trained at AZ Dog Sports in Scottsdale specializing in puppy, obedience, off-leash training and behavioral dog training. His passion is rehabilitating dogs who have faced challenges in life and need a second chance.

Alexander Casas - Certified Dog Trainer

Alexander has grown up and worked alongside dogs in some capacity most of his life. His love for dogs grew immensely during his time in the military, where he was able to see firsthand the impressive capabilities of these animals, alongside the powerful bond that can be formed between them and humans. After leaving the military and completing his studies in Security and Intelligence, Alexander shifted his attention to learning more about dog training, leading him to attend and graduate from AZ Dog Sports K9 Trainer Academy. His concentration is primarily in-home lessons that target basic obedience and/or behavior modification, but he also enjoys doing board and trains and training emotional support and service animals. Alexander seeks to help clients develop a better relationship with their dogs by empowering them with effective training techniques, a better understanding of dog psychology, and the implementation of a structured, yet enriching living environment – leading to a more fluid and cohesive relationship with our four-legged companions.